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Comprehensive Eye Care Services for Chicago at MacQueen Eye Care Center

At MacQueen Eye Care Center, we believe that comprehensive eye care services are essential for the Chicagoland area. People often put off seeing an eye doctor until they experience a vision issue; comprehensive eye exams can prevent such issues from developing. Below are some of the eye care services that we provide to maintain or improve your vision.


Comprehensive Vision Exams

At MacQueen Eye Care Center, we encourage everyone to come in for an examination at least once per year. Patients that are older or have certain eye conditions may need to come in more often than once per year. We will check your vision and indicate any changes that are needed to your prescription to ensure your vision is corrected properly.

At this visit, we will ask the patient to read a chart, check his or her visual field, look for signs of glaucoma, and analyze the retinas. Our exam will check for various eye conditions that can be slowed down or possibly prevented if they are caught in the early stages. As with most medical conditions, prevention is always easier than treating the problem after it has had time to progress.

Care for Contact Lenses in Chicago

At MacQueen Eye Care Center, we also provide contact lens services. For those who are considering contacts for the first time, we will perform a contact lens exam first. This exam is a bit different from a typical eye exam as it involves taking precise measurements of the eyeball so that the new contacts can fit and work perfectly. Different types of contacts have different instructions for use and maintenance. Our eye care staff will explain any details that you may need before you leave our office. If you’ve never had contacts before, we will go over how to properly put on and remove the contacts. Of course, when it’s time to get new contacts we can help you with that too.

Eyeglasses and Frames from MacQueen Eye Care Center

We also provide care for eyeglasses and frames at MacQueen Eye Care Center. Eyeglasses are a very common option for vision correction. The eyes are a delicate organ and they change constantly and not at the same rate. Our optometry experts will make sure your prescription is up to date. We offer a wide variety of the latest styles and major brands to fit your lifestyle and your face. Our friendly staff can walk you through the selection process to make sure you leave with glasses you’ll love!

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At MacQueen Eye Care Center, our goal is to provide comprehensive eye care services for Chicago. Our optometry experts stay up to date on the latest treatment options to provide exceptional eye care. Call MacQueen Eye Care Center today at (773) 586-8444 to schedule an appointment.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Just had my annual eye exam performed and, as usual, Dr. MacQueen did a very accurate, comprehensive and professional job. The level of service is excellent and one of the best things is that she has always been on time with my appointment. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable."
    David S.
  • "My family has been seeing Dr. MacQueen for many years. Always very trusted for excellent care!"
    Jeanie W.
  • "I love this place. Even though I moved away I still go here. Very professional and friendly staff. Great doctor."
    Linda L.