Lazy Eye

If you have a condition called amblyopia, more commonly referred to as "lazy eye," you might be wondering how to get the right help and support from an optometrist to improve your vision. MacQueen Eye Care Center is here for you if you're in the Chicago area and seeking eye care for yourself or your children. Lazy eye is most commonly diagnosed and treated during childhood, but adults can also receive treatment to enhance their vision. 

Lazy Eye

What Causes Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye occurs when the brain and the eye don't work together as effectively as they should. Instead of interpreting signals from the eye correctly, the brain either doesn't receive them or doesn't process them accurately. The same is true for the signals the brain sends back to the eye. Most of the time, the lazy eye points inward or outward instead of straight ahead and may have blurry vision compared to the stronger, dominant eye.

Will a Children's Eye Exam Diagnose This?

A children's eye exam conducted by an optometrist can quickly and easily diagnose lazy eye based on your child's visual acuity and the physical characteristics of the eye itself. The best course of action for lazy eye, especially when diagnosed in early childhood, is to treat the problem to improve the coordination between the eye and the brain. Various treatment options are available, including eye drops, wearing an eye patch over the stronger eye, using glasses, or even undergoing surgery.

Can Treatment Help With Blurry Vision?

Treatment for lazy eye can indeed help with blurry vision, as it encourages better communication between the eye and the brain. By forcing the non-dominant eye to do more of the work, treatment can enhance the eye's ability to see clearly. The duration of treatment and the degree of success achieved depend on the severity of the condition and how long it has been present before treatment begins.

Does Amblyopia Cause Vision Loss?

Typically, amblyopia doesn't cause severe vision loss or blindness. However, if left untreated, it can lead to a loss of clear vision. The blurry vision associated with this condition won't improve on its own, and if it remains untreated into adulthood, correction can become significantly more challenging. Therefore, it's crucial to address the problem as early as possible.

Work With an Eye Doctor Near You Today

If you're in the Chicago area and need an eye doctor to help with amblyopia or other eye conditions, reach out to us today at MacQueen Eye Care Center. We understand the significance of good vision and are committed to working with you to treat lazy eye so that you or your children can enjoy clearer vision in the future.


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