Vision Topics

  • Ocular Rosacea

    Ocular rosacea, an inflammation of the eye and/or eyelid, occurs in conjunction with rosacea of the skin. A chronic inflammatory condition, rosacea primarily affects the face, cheeks, forehead, and chest area. When rosacea affects the eyes and/or eyelids, the condition is known as ocular rosacea. Ocular

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  • Detached Retina

    Seeing a spot or a flash of light in your field of vision is more than an inconvenience. It could be the first signs of a detached retina. A retina becomes detached when separated from underlying layers of support tissue. Detached retinas will lead to a permanent loss of vision if they are not quickly

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  • Corneal Ulcer

    The cornea is present as a clear tissue that is located at the front of the eye. A corneal ulcer occurs when there is a sore in the layer of the cornea. Symptoms of this include redness, drainage, visual disturbances, sensitivity to light, itching and discomfort. Causes and Effects of Corneal Ulcers The

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  • Conjunctivitis

    Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is a common eye problem that can afflict children and adults alike. It is highly contagious and spreads quickly in environments like classrooms or offices filled with multiple people in close proximity to one another. The good news is that conjunctivitis is easily

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  • Acanthamoeba Keratitis

    Acanthamoeba keratitis is a relatively rare type of eye infection, but it can become quite serious. If left untreated, Acanthamoeba eventually leads to vision loss, requiring a corneal transplant to restore sight. Understanding how to prevent this infection is key. What Is Acanthamoeba Keratitis? Acanthamoeba

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  • Low Vision

    Most people classified as blind still retain some ability to see. They often have significantly impaired vision but can discern light, shapes, or other figures. Low vision refers to a class of visual impairment that cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. A number of conditions may cause low

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  • Color Blindness

    Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency, occurs when an individual cannot distinguish between certain colors like red and green or, less commonly, blue and yellow. Cause of Color Blindness Light-sensitive tissue, the retina, lines the back of the eye and consists of two types of light

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  • Nystagmus

    Nystagmus is a vision condition characterized by repetitive, uncontrolled eye movements. These involuntary eye movements may be side-to-side, up and down, or in a circular pattern, which hinders the eyes’ ability to focus on a steady object. Individuals with nystagmus may hold their heads in unusual

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  • Macular Hole

    The condition known as a macular hole refers to a tiny break in the macula that results in blurry or distorted vision. To fully understand the condition, one must understand eye anatomy. The macula is a spot located in the center of the retina (the back portion of the eye). Located where light comes

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  • Presbyopia

    As we age, our eyes—like the rest of our bodies—begin to lose flexibility and strength. When this happens to the lens of the eye and its surrounding muscles, your lens will become stiff. This makes it harder to see close objects clearly because the eyes can't focus properly. It's a natural part of

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  • How Bell’s Palsy Affects the Eyes

    Is Bell's palsy making your eye uncomfortable?

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  • Driving When You Have AMD

    Is it a good idea to drive if you have macular degeneration?

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  • The Link Between Menopause and Dry Eye

    Could your dry eye symptoms be related to menopause?

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  • What Is Causing Your Eye Pain?

    Do you know why your eyes hurt?

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  • What a Broken Blood Vessel Means for Your Eye

    Should you worry about that broken blood vessel in your eye?

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  • How Botox is Used to Treat Eye Conditions

    Do you have eyelid spasms, crossed eyes, retracted eyelids, or other eye conditions? Botox treatment could relieve your symptoms.

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  • What is Proptosis and How Is It Treated?

    Do your eyes bulge or protrude? You may have proptosis.

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  • What You Need to Know About Optic Neuritis

    Do you know the symptoms of optic neuritis?

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Eye Drops

    Do you know how to use eye drops correctly?

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  • First Aid for Eye Emergencies

    Are you prepared for an eye emergency?

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  • Eye Muscle Surgery to Treat Strabismus

    Could eye muscle surgery improve the alignment of your eyes?

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  • What You Need to Know About Dilating Eye Drops

    Do you know how dilating eye drops help your doctor spot signs of eye disease?

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  • Eye Irritation: Causes and Remedies

    Are your eyes irritated and red? One of these remedies may help.

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  • Treating Eye Cancer

    Several effective treatments can help you fight eye cancer.

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  • Procedures to Correct Refractive Errors

    Are you familiar with the different types of procedures for refractive errors?

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  • Look to Your Eyes for Clues About Your Health

    Did you know that your eyes provide valuable information about your health?

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  • Ocular Migraine Symptoms and Causes

    Have you had any of the temporary vision changes that can occur with ocular migraines?

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  • Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

    Recognizing retinal detachment symptoms can help you prevent permanent vision loss.

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  • What Is Strabismus and How Can It Be Treated

    Do you know how strabismus can affect your eyes?

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  • How to Treat Dry Eye

    Are your eyes dry and uncomfortable? These treatments help to treat dry eye.

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  • 6 Common Eye Procedures

    Eye problems don't have to lead to vision loss. Your ophthalmologist offers eye procedures that can help.

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  • Common Age-Related Vision Problems

    From fading colors to increased risk of glaucoma, these things can happen to your eyesight as you grow older.

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  • Have You Heard These Cataract Myths?

    Do you know common myths and facts about cataracts?

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  • Can Retinal Disease Be Treated By Gene Therapy?

    Gene therapy may offer new hope for people who have retinal diseases.

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  • Diagnosing and Treating Corneal Disease

    Could your vision problems be related to corneal disease?

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